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How the media got the Trump narrative backward

Ashlee Rezin/Chicago Sun-Times/AP
Supporters of newly elected Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot cheer April 2 at the Hilton Chicago as returns roll in. Ms. Lightfoot, a former federal prosecutor, will be the first African-American woman and first openly gay person to serve as the city’s mayor.

We in the media have gotten the Trump phenomenon backward.

That’s the takeaway from one of the most insightful examinations of what’s behind the current political situation in the United States I have seen. The story from Vox has some partisan overtones, but it’s grounded in solid data and well worth reading. It posits that the biggest political story of the past decade has been an astonishingly rapid shift among white liberals.

In a series of charts, Vox explains how, during the past 10 to 20 years, white liberals have radically reshaped their views on race and immigration – to the point that many are now to the left of black voters. Twenty years ago, white liberals and conservatives generally agreed that immigrants hurt the country and that black Americans were largely responsible for the lack of opportunity and achievement many face. Today, that former “unity” has fractured, with seismic consequences.

The article compares today’s “Great Awokening” to the “Great Awakening” of white Americans before the Civil War. And while there’s no suggestion that another civil war is near, there’s a realization that core elements of the current political polarization are deeply rooted. To overcome them, America will need to address its new and fundamental differences of worldview on race.

Now on to our five stories for today. We look at the little-talked-about phenomenon of post-traumatic growth, why capitalism needs cheerleaders today, and a different kind of nourishment for those in need.

This article appeared in the April 03, 2019 edition of the Monitor Daily.

Read 04/03 edition
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