This is Your Monitor.

To do our work well, we need to hear from you. That’s why we’re launching a new effort to solicit your questions and stories. Submit your questions or stories using the “Your Monitor” form.

When we ask for your questions, we’re relying on your curiosity about the topics we cover to help us decide where our reporters should investigate.

If we choose your question, a reporter may contact you to learn more about why you want to better understand the topic.

What makes a good question?

  • Be specific 
  • Use fact-based information
  • Ask something that isn't easily answered with yes/no

For submitted stories, your contributions will help us make sure we include many viewpoints. We may reach out for more information if we decide to include those anecdotes in articles or newsletters.

We will never use anything for publication without your permission and will also give credit to readers who submit questions we report on.

It’s pretty simple. You ask. We answer.

Check out "audience generated projects" on the left to explore the results of our "Your Monitor" initiative. 

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