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But their focus on problems doesn't tell the whole story.

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Sources: FBI; United Nations; Slate; Gallup; Mueller & Stewart, via Scientific American

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homicide trend chart
Follow the trend lines, not the headlines.

– Bill Clinton

Safety is trending.

It's always easy to believe you live in dangerous times. But, in truth, the US is safer now than at any point in modern history.

Source: FBI, United Nations, Slate
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The ISIS attack on Brussels wasn't a sign of strength.

It was a sign of weakness.

Vox's Max Fisher explains that the attacks in Brussels represent a shifting strategy for Islamic State. As it loses ground in Iraq and Syria, it also loses its narrative that the group is invincible, righteous, and attractive to new recruits. Extremists will continue to pose a security challenge, which is why the bonds of international cooperation are more important than ever.

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solidarityAP Photo/Valentin Bianchi
Now we’re seeing European solidarity of a kind we haven’t experienced before.

– Klas Borell

Klas Borell, a professor of sociology at Jönköping University in Sweden who has studied responses to terrorist attacks, says the most important thing is for life to go on.

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Muslims make up the bulk of the forces leading the battle against Islamic State on the ground.

Those in the fight include Kurdish militias, the Free Syrian Army, Iraq Sunni militias, the Iraqi Army, and other forces from Arab states.

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extremists victims chart

Most terrorism in the US has nothing to do with Islam.

Attacks by far-right groups have outnumbered violent jihadist attacks within the United States since Sept. 11, 2001.

Source: New America Foundation, The New York Times
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Eboo PatelPhoto courtesy of the Interfaith Youth Core
99% of the world inclines toward tolerance.... [But] 99% aren't leading ....

– Eboo Patel

Eboo Patel founded the Interfaith Youth Core to help young people understand and defend religious diversity. "My theory is that 99 percent of the world inclines toward tolerance and cooperation," he says. "The problem is that 99 percent of that 99 percent aren't leading in that direction."

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There's another coalition determined to fight ISIS.
And it's Muslim.

A coalition of 34 mostly Muslim countries assembled by Saudi Arabia is providing military training and working to counter the spread of radical ideology within their respective populations.

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70,000 Sunni clerics in India placed a fatwa on terrorists.

Nearly 1.5 million Sunni Muslim followers of the Indian Barelvi movement formally decried violent extremists in December, condemning terrorist groups and declaring that they are "not Islamic organizations."

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