Libya's rebels say, again, that they've cornered Qaddafi

Anis Mili/Reuters
Rebel fighters walk inside Bab al-Azaziya compound in Tripoli, Libya, on Aug. 26.

• The latest updates on Muammar Qaddafi and developments in Libya's war

Reuters reports that at about 12:30 EST, Libya's Transitional National Council said that its forces had surrounded a section of the city where it believes Muammar Qaddafi is hiding with other members of his regime and were "monitoring their presence before attempting to capture them."

"The area where he is now is under siege," Justice Minister Mohammed al-Alagi told Reuters. "The rebels are monitoring the area and they are dealing with it."

However, other rebel officials said that Qaddafi was in Abu Salim, a different section of the city.

The rebels claimed to have Qaddafi cornered several other times this week. In each case, they were wrong.

Meanwhile, MSNBC reports that the rebels are planning to send in special forces units to hunt down Qaddafi.

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