Bomb Iran? Why 5 top Israeli figures don't want to do it.

Yuval Diskin, former director of Shin Bet

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    In this May 2005 file photo, Yuval Diskin arrives for a meeting at the President's residence in Jerusalem.
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Mr. Diskin served as director of Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security agency, from 2005 to 2011 and is reportedly close with former Mossad chief Dagan. While he remained largely quiet for nearly a year after Dagan first spoke out against an Israeli strike, he didn’t mince words when he spoke out in April 2012.

“There’s a false image being presented to the public and that’s what bothers me," he said. 

“[Netanyahu and Barak] are giving the sense that if Israel doesn’t act, Iran will have nuclear weapons. This part of the sentence apparently has an element of truth. But in the second part of the sentence, they turn to the – sorry for the expression – the ‘stupid public’ or the layman public... and tell them if Israel acts, there won’t be [an Iranian] nuclear program. And that’s the incorrect part of the sentence.” 

The left-leaning Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported at the time that Diskin had clashed with Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Barak while in office, was bitter that Netanyahu had pushed him out of his job, and saw the two leaders as being “messianic” and not to be trusted to make prudent decisions on Iran. 

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