Gilad Shalit deal: Which Palestinian prisoners will walk free?

Nearly 500 Palestinians are scheduled to be released by Israel Tuesday in an exchange for soldier Gilad Shalit. Here’s the status of seven well-known prisoners (See the whole list here):

Mohammed Salem/Reuters
Members of Hamas national security forces are reflected in a souvenir shop window with a poster of jailed Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti as they patrol a street to celebrate a prisoner swap between Hamas and Israel, in Gaza City, last week.

Freed: Abd al-Aziz Salaha

Abd al-Aziz Salaha is the subject of a photo that came to symbolize the second Intifada for many Israelis and observers worldwide. In the photo, Mr. Salaha is proudly holding his hands, covered in the blood of an Israeli soldier, out the window of the Ramallah police station. Two soldiers were killed in the 2001 incident.

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