Egypt erases history: 5 places where the Mubarak name will be removed

An Egyptian court on April 21 ordered the physical removal of the Mubarak family name from all public places, formalizing a process that protesters began months ago. With Hosni Mubarak's name and face plastered on everything from street signs to stadiums to train stations, it will take a long time for the state to fully remove his mark. Here are a few of places to be scrubbed of the Mubarak moniker:

The Mubarak subway, and highway, and bridge, and...

In this Feb. 13, file photo from video, officials remove a portrait of ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak at the main Cabinet building in Cairo. An Egyptian court on Thursday April 21, ordered the 'Mubarak' name removed from all public places.

"Mubarak" is all over the country’s transportation systems. The subway station beneath Cairo’s Ramses Square is named after Hosni, as is a highway in the capital city. An Egyptian told The New York Times that protesters took it upon themselves to change the station name long before the court order by making signs of their own renaming the station “Martyrs of the January 25th revolution” and covering up the old Mubarak signs.

There’s also the “Mubarak Peace Bridge,” alternately known as the Suez Canal Bridge, connecting the Sinai Desert and the Egyptian mainland. On top of all that, almost every city in Egypt also has a "Mubarak Street."

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