Egypt erases history: 5 places where the Mubarak name will be removed

An Egyptian court on April 21 ordered the physical removal of the Mubarak family name from all public places, formalizing a process that protesters began months ago. Read our list of a few of places to be scrubbed of the Mubarak moniker.

H. E. Suzanne Mubarak Conference Hall

Universities have already taken measures to erase the "Mubarak" name. Ahead of the court order, the American University of Cairo bowed to student and faculty pressure and agreed to rename a conference hall named after Suzanne Mubarak, who earned a B.A. in political sciences at the school.

Students removed the plaque "H. E. Suzanne Mubarak Conference Hall" more than a month ago, and the decision to officially rename the title came on April 17. For the time being, the room will be referred to by its room number, according to student newspaper The Caravan. The money for the hall was donated to the school by an “affiliate” of the Mubarak family, explicitly so that a building on campus could be named after Suzanne Mubarak.

In March, Zagazig University ordered Mubarak University City dormitory complex renamed to Tahrir Square, according to The New York Times.

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