Egypt erases history: 5 places where the Mubarak name will be removed

An Egyptian court on April 21 ordered the physical removal of the Mubarak family name from all public places, formalizing a process that protesters began months ago. Read our list of a few of places to be scrubbed of the Mubarak moniker.

549 public schools

According to The New York Times, 388 public schools are named after Hosni Mubarak and 160 are named after his wife Suzanne. The governor of Assiut last month ordered “The Suzanne Mubarak School for Girls” renamed to “The January 25th School for Girls.” Mubarak’s son Gamal has had at least one school built in his name.

In one city (actually named “6th of October CIty” after the 1973 war with Israel that Egypt actually lost), an entire educational complex is named after the former president: the Mubarak Education City. It was inaugurated by Suzanne Mubarak.

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