NATO's in charge – so who is doing what in Libya?

United States

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    President Barack Obama speaks about the conflict in Libya during an address at the National Defense University in Washington on March 28.
    Larry Downing/Reuters
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The US initially held the lead role in operations against Qaddafi forces, but it ceded leadership of the no-fly zone to NATO last week. As it hands control of the whole operation to NATO, it is scaling back its own participation significantly. As one of NATO’s most influential members, the US will continue to play an important role in military action – although what the role will be is unclear, even after President Obama's address last night.

Reuters reported Monday that the US has started moving some of its ships, which were being used to launch strikes on Qaddafi’s forces, out of the Mediterranean.

Alongside continued military action under NATO, the US will work with the coalition countries to hammer out a political solution for Libya, said US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice, according to CBS News.

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