Countries in the Middle East where the 'winds of change' are blowing

Those who said that 'winds of change' were blowing through the Middle East were right. The past two months have seen a series of stunning political shifts across the region and are now reverberating along the North African coast, through the Gulf, and up into the Levant. Here is a look at where those 'winds of change' are taking us.


Protesters continued their demonstrations for a third straight day Wednesday, promising to bring 50,000 people to the street. The Bahraini government has already tried to halt unrest by promising $2,500 to each family in the country, but that did not seem to satisfy protesters. The country has a Shiite majority that has long been unhappy living under Sunni rulers. Some wonder if an uprising by Bahrain's Shiites could inspire the Shiites of neighboring Saudi Arabia.

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