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10 organizations that protect the environment

We tell you about 10 organizations that are working to protect and conserve the environment. All 10 of these organizations have four-star ratings from Charity Navigator and at least $13.5 million in total annual expenses.

2. Conservation International

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    Conservation International was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in Arlington, Va.
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“People need nature to thrive,” Arlington, Va.-based Conservation International declares. Founded in 1987, the organization states the importance of nature for climate, air, water, food, and resource purposes; however, economic and infrastructure development is also stressed as crucial to what it terms human well-being. Conservation International’s work comes in as bridging the gap between these two interests through sustainable development. The organization has four areas in which it operates: government policy, field work, partnerships, and science. Partnerships are made with the US government, the European Union, and other foreign governments to preserve and conserve natural resources. The organization also partners with local communities, scientists, NGOs, and corporations to work in 40-plus countries, especially those it designates as priority areas. In late June, Conservation International earned agency status from the Global Environment Facility, the biggest public funder of environmental projects in the world.

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