10 biggest US foundations and what they do

What are the 10 biggest foundations in the United States? Here they are in ascending order, based on their assets, along with a little bit about what social problems each addresses.

2. Ford Foundation - $10.9 billion

The Ford Foundation, headquartered in New York City, has $10.9 billion in assets.

With almost $11 billion in assets, according to the Foundation Center, the Ford Foundation is dedicated to “working with visionary leaders and organizations to change social structures and institutions.” Established in 1936 by Edsel Ford, son of Ford Motor Company founder Henry Ford, the foundation has initiatives in North and Latin America, Africa, and Asia. It also awards grants to organizations and individuals working in three main areas. The first of these is economic opportunity and assets; the second is democracy, rights, and justice; and the third is education, creativity, and free expression. The New York City-based foundation makes around 1,400 grants annually.

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