F-35 fighter jets: Norway doubles its order for F-35 fighters, from 6 to 12

F-35 fighter jets: Norway is increasing its purchase order on F-35 fighter jets from six fighters to 12, Norwegian officials announced. In 2011, Norway ordered four F-35 fighter jets.

Craig Fry/Yuma Sun/AP/File
An F-35 B Lightning II fighter jet roars off the runway at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Ariz. Norway plans to order an additional six F-35 fighter jets, part of an ongoing plan to acquire 52 F-35 fighters.

The Norwegian government wants to order another six F-35 fighter jets this year, in a deal worth some 7.38 billion kroner ($1.23 billion).

If approved by Parliament, the aircraft would be delivered by 2018 on top of six others ordered this year, which lawmakers had already agreed to. In 2011, Norway ordered four F-35s.

Norway's defense ministry said in 2008 it plans to buy 52 F-35 fighters for 64 billion kroner, but that each year's purchase must be approved by Parliament.

Monday's proposal was part of the 2014 budget plans presented by outgoing government, which is stepping down after a defeat in last month's parliamentary elections.

Leaders of the new government, expected to take office later this week, have said they would continue with plans to procure the 52 aircraft.

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