Two-headed snake on display at Ukrainian zoo

Two-headed snake is currently residing at a zoo on the Black Sea. The two-headed snake is an albino California Kingsnake.

A rare two-headed snake explores its surroundings in a private zoo in the Crimean town of Yalta July 8. The three-year-old snake was brought from a zoo in Switzerland where it was born.

A two-headed snake has gone on display at a zoo in southern Ukraine.

The "Skazka" (Fairy tale) zoo in the Crimean city of Yalta on the Black Sea said Wednesday that the albino California Kingsnake has two heads that think, react and eat separately, though one is more passive than the other.

Dmytro Tkachov, a zoo worker taking care of the snake, said he puts a barrier between the heads when feeding the snake lest one eats the other.

The snake will be on display at the zoo until mid-September. The zoo would not provide further details.

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