What does an ISIS sex slave auction look like?

Activists in London recreate the dramatic market scene to make a point.

Women in full niqab, chained together at the wrists, crying out as men push them to the ground.

“I’ll give you 50 dollars,” a man calls out.

“She’s a virgin, I’ll need more than 50,” the man running the auction responds through a megaphone.

Such was the scene that played out on the streets of London. The demonstration was meant to alert Londoners to the gripping brutality of the sex slave market of the Islamic State.

“This is just an example of what is going on in Syria and Iraq in the places where the Islamic State has gained power,” Karam Kruda, the man with the megaphone, says in the video.

Kruda told IJReview the demonstrators wanted to “shock people into awareness” by bringing onto the streets of London what happens in the Islamic State daily.

“We wanted them to see how ISIS is bringing back practices from centuries ago. In reality, the barbaric nature of their actions and why it so desperately needs to be kept from spreading,” he said. “When women are sold like poultry in a bazaar it is inhumane and tear-jerking.”

He said girls who managed to call their families on mobile phones while in the brothels have begged to be bombed.

“When you hear about instances like that, you just want the world to feel it too,” Kruda said.

The United Nations reported that since August more than 25,000 girls have been kidnapped into sex slavery, according to the video.

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