Delhi's oases of green

A Monitor staff photographer finds some quiet amidst the hustle and bustle of one of India's largest cities.

Melanie Stetson Freeman/Staff
Women in sarees and girls in modern dress (with their smartphone) walk outside Bara Gumbad, a 15th-century domed tomb, in Lodi Gardens.

Life in New Delhi is loud and chaotic.

Drivers honk as bicycle rickshaws, pedestrians, and vehicles veer in and out of traffic. People crowd sidewalks, bus stops, bazaars.

Yet tucked away in the old part of India’s cultured capital are parks with ancient tombs and monuments, reminders of its past as the seat of a medieval empire.

These green spaces are sanctuaries, respites from the hustle outside their walls.

Families come to view the domed architecture and enjoy lawns, flowers, and trees. Vendors do a brisk business. Couples find some privacy.

They share space with runners, frisbee players, and strollers, especially in the cool of early morning or late afternoon.

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