In Scotland, a view of the greens gives home a hefty premium

In Scotland, where golf was invented, properties along the edge of the St. Andrews golf course make up one of the most exclusive property rows in the world.

Shaun Best/Reuters/file
Tiger Woods on the Old Course’s 18th hole.

• A local, slice-of-life story from a Monitor correspondent.

Here in this veritable home of golf – where the sport is said to have been invented – real estate is at a premium. At an asking price of £1.75 million ($2.9 million) for 1,985 square feet, the double upper apartment on a street called The Links in this pretty seaside town is situated in one of the most exclusive property rows in the world. “Probably the finest view in the golfing world.” Or so say the property developers charged with offloading a multimillion-dollar apartment with a front-row seat over the sport’s most famous hole.

The increasing popularity of golf over the years coupled with the unobstructed views of the 18th green of the lauded Old Course have put apartments on The Links among Scotland’s most expensive per square foot. The last one to sell on the street (measuring 2,279 square feet) is thought to have far outstripped its £3.75 million (about $5.5 million) asking price.

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