Airline baby ban: Why Malaysia Airlines says no babies in first class

Airline baby ban extends to first class cabins on Malaysia Airlines' new Airbus 380 and Boeing 747-400 aircraft. Traveler complaints about crying babies led to the airline baby ban.

Saeed Khan/AFP Photo/Newscom
Malaysia Airlines Chairman Munir Majid (L) briefs about the company as US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (3rd L) looks on at an event to showcase American companies' presence in Malaysia at the Subang SkyPark Terminal near Kuala Lumpur on November 3, 2010.

When money talks, the babies walk.

That's what it's come down to at Malaysia Airlines, after the carrier decided to implement a ban on babies in the first class cabins of their new Airbus A380 aircraft. Those planes are expected to come into service next year.

Malaysia Airlines has already banned infants from the first class cabins on its Boeing 747-400 jets.

According to news reports, the airline received customer complaints about crying babies in the first class cabin. Malaysia Airlines CEO Tengku Azmil said that passengers who spend a lot of money for first-class seats are often unable to sleep. He tweeted that "We already hand out noise canx headphones in 1st class. They don't work so well for babies crying."

Mr. Azmil later added there was no room to accomodate bassinets in first-class lavatories as among the reasons for the baby ban.

Infants and their parents will be allowed in the airline's business class section, as well as economy seating.

In addition to flying routes in Southeast Asia, Malaysia Airlines also carries passengers on long-distance routes to Europe.

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