Most human dominoes? They're in China (video)

China, a country of many records, secured yet another world record. One small town is now registered by the Guinness Book as having hosted: The most human dominoes.

Participants attend the 'human dominos' event during the Nadam Fair in Ordos, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region August 12. More than 10,000 people have set a new Guinness World record for 'human dominoes' in China's Inner Mongolia, toppling a record set a decade earlier in Singapore by more than several hundred.

It is clearly not enough for the Chinese to be the most numerous people on earth, nor to emit the most greenhouse gases, nor even to win the most gold medals at Olympic Games. No global record, it seems, however daft, is beyond their ambition.

On Friday, China secured another world record, of the sort registered by the Guinness Book of these things: The most human dominoes.

Translation: 10,267 people in Ordos, in Inner Mongolia, sat down cross-legged in lines and slowly collapsed backwards into the lap of the person behind, one after the other, like toppling dominoes.

IN PICTURES: Human domino in China

They wore color coordinated outfits, so as to spell out the name of their town – which could do with a little international publicity, to be sure – in Chinese and English.

Chinese state TV broadcast the event, which took 80 minutes to complete. The Ordos human domino champs beat a 10-year-old record set by 9,234 Singaporean students.

“What I felt most strongly was the pure excitement that came from knowing I was part of the creation of a world record,” Li Xiaodong, the first in line, told Xinhua, the official news agency.

Life in Ordos has now returned to normal. You can expect never to hear of the city again.

IN PICTURES: Human domino in China

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