Air France upgrades all speed sensors

Meanwhile, Boeing sounds a bullish note at the Paris Air Show.

Air France announced today that it has upgraded all speed sensors on its long-haul A330 and A340 aircraft.

The news comes as the investigation into the mysterious June 1 crash of flight 447 has focused on faulty reading from the plane's speed sensors.

Despite initial hesitance – and even though Air France, Airbus, and the French agency probing the accident all say there is no proof yet that the airspeed monitors were to blame – most airlines have now taken steps to replace the sensors.

Delta, for instance, said last week that it would replace all speed sensors on Airbus aircraft flown by its Northwest unit.

$93 million insurance payout

Air France will get an insurance check of $93 million for the loss of its Airbus A330, one of its insurers said on Monday.

Under the terms of the Montreal Convention, Air France is also responsible for compensating the families of the 228 people who died in the crash. It has separate insurance for that.

Woes? What industry woes?

Meanwhile, at the 100th anniversary of the world's first and largest air show (the Paris Air Show), Airbus rival Boeing sounded a bullish note.

"A defiant Boeing said Monday that the aviation industry's troubles may be ending..." reports the Associated Press.

"Are we down in the dumps about the status of this industry? Have we allowed the current economic situation to overwhelm us and discourage us from the path ahead? The answer is absolutely no," Scott Carson, president and chief executive of Boeing's commercial aircraft division, said Monday.
"At this point it appears to us that the economic conditions have bottomed," Carson said. "If they have bottomed and a recovery comes next year, I think we have a shot at getting through."
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