Falklands War 30th Anniversary: 5 British and Argentine papers react

April 2, 2012 marks the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War, which lasted less than three months but claimed the lives of more than 900 soldiers.  Here are five reactions from Argentine and British newspapers on the anniversary of the Falkland Islands War:

London should negotiate the sovereignty of the Malvinas

Buenos Aires Herald
Negotiating the Malvinas is like Climbing Everest
Jorge Argüello, Argentine ambassador to the US

“At this stage it is evident that Argentina will respect the interests of the islanders as it should, even writing this into the Constitution of 1994. The disproportionate British military deployment in the South Atlantic, in contrast, only exposes the need to protect crude economic interests, expropriating the natural resources of the region without the consent of that region and against the calls for negotiation which were born in Buenos Aires, passed through the Americas and are already reaching the entire political and diplomatic worlds.

It is absurd to argue that such a heavy defence investment is needed when Argentina has tried and convicted the military dictatorships which launched the armed conflict of 1982 and has just declassified a report by the Armed Forces themselves disowning the war leadership. It only aggravates the dire diplomatic position into which London has fallen in the eyes of the United Nations and every diplomatic forum in which it participates in the world.

In these circumstances of the 21st century, London should sit down and negotiate the sovereignty of the Malvinas with respect for the interests and lifestyle of the current islanders.... In these times well-meaning Britons throughout the world deserve the pride of performing new feats in their own right without the need to forcefully interfere with the rights of others.”

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