Carlos Slim tops Forbes rich list (again): Top five emerging market billionaires

Carlos Slim retained the top spot on the Forbes rich list for the second year in a row. The Mexican telecoms tycoon represents a growing trend of billionaires bubbling up from emerging markets worldwide. Over the past year, China doubled its number of billionaires, according to Forbes, and Moscow now has more billionaires than any other city.

Of the 11 richest men in the world, the following five come from emerging economies in Latin America and Asia:

1. Carlos Slim Helu and Family, $74 billion

Mohamed Azakir/Reuters/File
Carlos Slim.

The richest man in the world added $20.5 billion to his net worth over 2010, raising the total to an estimated $74 billion, according to the annual Forbes rich list. Telemex Chairman Carlos Slim Helu surpassed No. 2 rich-man Bill Gates in wealth in 2009, and has now extended his lead by $18 billion. According to Forbes, "A 19 percent rise in the Mexican stock market, a stronger peso, and successful mining and real estate spinoffs from conglomerate Grupo Carso all contributed to the astonishing increase." Mr. Slim also has stakes in retailer Saks and The New York Times.

But when it comes to power, Slim still lags behind the Microsoft founder. Forbes ranks Slim No. 20 on its "Powerful People" list, 10 spots behind Mr. Gates.

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