Arizona shooting: US has lots of guns, but it's not alone

3. Yemen

Low estimate: 32 guns per 100 people

High estimate: 90 guns

The large discrepancy between the high and low gun estimates for Yemen is a result of a lack of gun registration laws and a dearth of reliable statistics. Aware of the danger of high gun ownership levels, the Yemeni government has attempted to discourage its citizens from carrying firearms in public and to limit the gun market, but has been unsuccessful. Gun violence is growing.

The survey notes that its figures for Yemeni gun ownership are inconsistent. It estimates there are anywhere from 6 million to 17 million firearms owned by civilians, a huge range. One person estimated that each Yemeni man owns three to four guns. Another estimates that 60 percent of all Yemenis (men and women) own at least one gun.

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