19 countries that are siding with China on the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony for Liu Xiaobo

China has warned there would be "consequences" for the nations that supported jailed Chinese dissident, and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Liu Xiaobo.


The China-Kazakhstan relationship is one built on energy supply and demand. The China-Kazakhstan oil pipeline is the first one to directly connect China to Central Asia's energy resources and a gas pipeline between the two is also already in the works. Many Chinese oil companies have stakes in Kazakh oil production companies, the China Daily News reports.

Kazakhstan is also classified as "not free" by Freedom House. In 2009, the organization pointed to a slew of libel suits against opposition media organizations, a new Internet law that curtailed activity, unexplained arrests of businessmen and officials, and judicial action taken against a well-known human rights activist. Politics are almost completely controlled by the president and his ruling party.

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