Five countries challenging Google

Online privacy has become a key civil liberty battleground. Companies such as Face­book and Google are amassing data about users' choices and activities, which busi­nesses – and governments – would like access to.

Across Europe, a backlash against the storage of online users data is growing. In Germany almost 35,000 people, including Justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, sued their own government over the issue.

Here are five countries where Google faces privacy, censorship, or other fights.

1. Google vs. China


Google finds its content continually banned and/or censored in China. In July 2010, the country agreed to extend the company’s license, but this was after extended back and forth. Google threatened to leave because of hackers and censorship, and even went so far as to reroute its Google China server to an uncensored server in Hong Kong, which angered Chinese officials. At left, the Forbidden City in Beijing.


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