The 50-plus votes and allegations that failed to sink Berlusconi

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has survived more than 50 no-confidence votes in his political career, surviving yet another at least implicit one on Tuesday. But he is still headed out the door, he says. Here’s a look at the many things that would have taken down many other world leaders.


Berlusconi has not only faced repeated corruption and fraud accusations, but has been accused of manipulating the justice system to duck them – and yet his party still remained at the top. In December 2010, Berlusconi survived a no-confidence vote prompted by the justice system charges – and his party still had a plurality of support after the vote, The Christian Science Monitor reported.

He also attempted to evade corruption trials by limiting the duration of trials to six years, which would have brought an end to two corruption trials.

In the most notorious corruption case, Berlusconi is accused of paying $600,000 in bribes to a former tax accountant named David Mills in exchange for false testimony in court for two other trials.

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