Amanda Knox freed: A timeline of key events

The saga of American Amanda Knox and former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito finally came to a close Monday, Oct. 3. They were set free. A look back at six key moments in the trial:

May- September 2011

Knox’s appeal begins in late May 2011. Guede, who was declared guilty and sentenced to 30 years in prison in October 2008, refuses to say during testimony in June that Knox was not involved. He writes a letter, read aloud in the appeal trial, in which he says he believes Knox and Sollecito killed Kercher.

Forensic specialists told the court that the DNA evidence used to link Knox to the murder – traces of her DNA were found on the handle of the knife believed to be the murder weapon – was possibly unsound. The specialists also cast doubt on the DNA evidence that prosecutors used to link Sollecito to the murder, saying that the bra clasp that contained his DNA may have been contaminated because it was collected six weeks after the murder.

Experts selected by the court say that the errors made by police during the original investigation should render evidence against Knox and Sollecito inadmissible. Italian police reject the claim and say their methods were sound.

During final arguments, which began Sept. 23, the experts’ questioning of the DNA is attacked by the prosecution. The prosecution calls for Knox and Sollecito’s sentences to be increased to life, CNN reports.

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