Top 8 Putin moments: From Harley-riding bad boy to Formula One driver

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is known for his displays of athletic prowess and daring feats, as well as the occasional croon before an audience. His visit this week to a Russian youth camp did not disappoint. Here are some of his most notable romps throughout Russia.

Running with the wolves

Putin has friends all over. On Aug. 30, he joined a group of motorcyclists as they biked into the city of Novorossiysk. The city was celebrating the anniversary of its liberation during World War II, the Huffington Post reports. Putin referred to the motorcyclists – who call themselves the "Night Wolves" – as his "brothers," and led them into the city.

The stunt came after Russian President Dmitry Medvedev announced that general elections had been scheduled for December 2011. The presidential elections will happen in 2012. Putin still hasn't said whether he will run again.

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