Demjanjuk conviction: Top 5 Nazis still at large

The Holocaust ended more than 60 years ago, but today’s conviction of John Demjanjuk for his work with the Nazis is a reminder that many former Nazis remain at large. Here are the top five of the most-wanted Nazis still alive today.

2. Milivoj Ašner

Milivoj Ašner was the police chief in the Croatian town of Pozega when the town rounded up about 150 of its Jewish residents and put them on a train bound for a concentration camp. By the end of the war, the town’s Jewish population was entirely gone and all of the people deported were dead, the Guardian reports.

The Weisenthal Center says Mr. Asner is wanted for an “active role in persecution and deportation to death of hundreds of Serbs, Jews, and Gypsies.” Asner denies his involvement in the deportation, although he confirms he was police chief of the town at the time.

Asner fled to Austria after Croatia’s post-war government named him a war criminal, returning to a nearby town in the 1990s. He remained there quietly until investigations into his World War II past began and the Croatian government issued an order that he could not leave the country.

He fled back to Austria, where he remains today. No trial has been held because Austria has refused to extradite him to Croatia.

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