Demjanjuk conviction: Top 5 Nazis still at large

The Holocaust ended more than 60 years ago, but today’s conviction of John Demjanjuk for his work with the Nazis is a reminder that many former Nazis remain at large. Here are the top five of the most-wanted Nazis still alive today.

3. Klaas Carl Faber

Klaas Carl Faber, the Weisenthal Center’s third most-wanted surviving, at-large Nazi, served in the SS intelligence and security service and was a part of the execution squad that executed members of the Dutch resistance, opponents of the Nazis, and people caught hiding Jews, according to the Weisenthal Center. He also may have served in a transit camp for Jews being sent to concentration camps.

According to The Telegraph, he was sentenced to death in 1947 in The Netherlands, but he escaped from prison in 1952 and fled to Germany. He remains there today, protected by the German citizenship given to him by Adolf Hitler. His citizenship prevents him from being extradited, something that both Britain and The Netherlands have requested. A European arrest warrant was issued for him in November 2010, according to the BBC.

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