Royal wedding date: What we know about the marriage plans of William and Kate

When the long-awaited engagement of Prince William and longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton was announced last week, they and their wedding planners were bombarded with questions. Here are some of the details that have been finalized.

Who will pay?

A royal wedding is a big, costly affair. In light of Britain's recent austerity cuts, many Britons griped about the expense and wondered publicly whether they would bear the cost of an extravagant affair. William and Kate and others associated with the engagement have repeatedly said the wedding will not be as lavish as those in the past.

The Telegraph reported Tuesday that the royal family and the Middletons will bear the cost of the wedding, the reception, and the honeymoon. The costs borne by taxpayers will nonetheless be significant, with reports indicating that security costs could run into the millions (in pounds). And don't forget the street-cleaning bill.

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