Putin croons like Sinatra: Top 7 marquee moments

We all know how Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin loves sport, and also loves to show off his abilities as a sportsman. But he's also shown a gentler side, one willing to grace a stage and croon like Frank Sinatra.

Formula One race car driver

Alexei Nikolsky/AP
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin drives a Renault racing car at the race track outside St. Petersburg, Russia on Nov. 7. Putin tested his capacities as a Formula One driver.

He's galloped and flown, and now Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has zoomed. On Nov. 7, Mr. Putin put the pedal to the floor of a Formula One race car, reaching 150 m.p.h. on a track outside St. Petersburg. He drove a yellow Renault and wore a helmet emblazoned with a double-headed eagle.

A fan of car racing, Mr. Putin last month helped with Russia's bid to host its first Grand Prix race in 2014 – the same year that Russia will host the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Never shy to promote his feats, he told reporters after the Sunday drive: "For a first time, it was good." News agency RT was at the track to video Putin's performance:

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