Best format for the Gay Girl in Damascus saga

A cartoon.

I thought I was done with the Gay Girl in Damascus saga (about how a pedestrian American writer and activist found fame and sparked international panic by staging the abduction of a nonexistent Syrian lesbian on the Internet) with my post yesterday (I boldly suggested we shouldn't trust everything we read on the Internet).

But the revelation that the lesbian blogger who was one of "Gay Girl's" main promoters was also a straight, middle-aged American man, sucked me back in. The two carried on an online flirtation, neither knowing (apparently) that the other was a fraud. I spent the evening yesterday thinking tangled thoughts about pseudonymity, anonymity, and the collision of fact and fiction on the Internet. Ok, that, and laughing a lot.

Well, the good people at Next Media Animation in Taiwan have distilled the story to its essence. In a cartoon. Enjoy.

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