Jamaican women sweep the Olympic 100-meter race

Gold medalist Shelly-Ann Fraser finished 0.2 seconds ahead of Sherone Simpson and Kerron Stewart, who tied for silver in a photo finish.

In a blur of black, gold, and green, Jamaica's women swept the 100-meter
finals Monday, adding to the island country's sprinting dominance just one
day after countryman Usain Bolt shattered the world record with a time of
9.69 seconds.

Shelly-Ann Fraser took the gold, winning her first international title with
a blistering time of 10.78 seconds.

But it took a photo finish to show Sherone Simpson and Kerron Stewart tied
for silver.

The world may be shocked by Jamaica's performance, but for Jamaicans this is
a long time coming.

Sprinting is to Jamaica what college football is to the US. And a system to
develop homegrown talent has been brewing for decades while the island's
coaches have become some of the world's finest.

Jamaica's athletes have sacrificed a lot to get here.

"I've given up a lot. With track and field, I cannot have a life," silver
medalist Sherone Simpson told me after a June training session in Kingston's
National Stadium. (See excerpts from video interview.)

It must feel good on that medal stand in Beijing.

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