100 meters – Fastest of the fast

Nine times in history, the men’s 100-meter gold medalist has set or tied a world record in the same year as winning the Olympic event. The sprinters who’ve accomplished this, the country each has represented, and his world-record time, in seconds:
1932: Eddie Tolan (US) 10.3
1936: Jesse Owens (US) 10.2
1956: Bobby Morrow (US) 10.2
1960: Armin Hary (Germany) 10.0
1964: Bob Hayes (US) 10.0
1968: James Hines (US) 9.95
1988: Carl Lewis (US) 9.92
1996: Donovan Bailey (Canada) 9.84
2000: Maurice Greene (US) 9.79

Compiled by Corinne Chronopoulos and Ross Atkin.

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