Introducing Latin America Monitor

Welcome to the Latin America Monitor, a new blog designed to cover news, politics, economy, and culture across the region.

Hi everyone and welcome to the Latin America Monitor!

I'm Sara Miller Llana, the Monitor’s Latin America Bureau Chief in Mexico City, and I will be curating the blog and generating much of the material. But we will also be posting a range of stuff from our wide network of stringers from throughout the region.

We have also invited several guest bloggers, whose pieces we will re-post regularly. Some of them are US based “Latin Americanists” who closely follow certain countries or overall US policy in the region; others live in the countries they are blogging about.

All of them have interesting things to say. Join the debate in our comments section. And if you have ideas or things you want us to be discussing, don’t hesitate to send your thoughts to me at

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