Sixth Summit of the Americas: 8 things to watch

Yes, the Summit of the Americas in Cartagena will debate drug policy and Cuba. Here are eight other topics to be discussed at the Summit.

2. New messages or ideas on security

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    A security guard patrols on foot along the wall surrounding the old city, as heads of state arrived for the Americas Summit in Cartagena on April 13.
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Separate from the broader legalization debate, the countries of Central America are discussing other new ideas including the potential for a regional court system to prosecute organized crime. Security programs designed under the Central American Integration System [SICA] strategy remain slow to start and fingers are pointed in all directions within Central American countries and at donor nations slow to disburse funds. The leaders of Central America are set to meet before the Summit. A unified position on concrete ideas and messages would help the region. More divisions and vague statements will not help at all.

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