France vs. South Africa: France's World Cup bid on the line

France needs to win by a hefty margin in today's France vs. South Africa game – and hope that Mexico defeats Uruguay soundly – if Les Bleues are to advance to the second round of the World Cup.

Jorge Silva/Reuters
DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES? A French fan looks on before today's France vs. South Africa match at Free State stadium in Bloemfontein, South Africa.

Is it time to say au revoir to Les Bleues?

It's hard – although not impossible – to see France qualifying for the second round of the World Cup today.

On paper, France should be one of the best teams in this World Cup. But their constant infighting and very public meltdown after losing their match vs. Mexico have probably already cost them the World Cup.

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It's been an embarrassment to the world and has caused utter consternation in France as some fans and citizens begin to blame the diverse racial makeup of the team to explain the inexplicable.

As coach Raymond Domenech – whom many in the soccer world are blaming for France's woes – said early this week: "We need a miracle now."

France will probably have to score at least three goals against a plucky South African team playing on its home soil if it hopes to squeak past the loser of the Mexico vs. Uruguay match on goal differential.

If France does squeak into the second round, their talent will make them a scary opponent for anyone in the tournament.

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