Morning after: The Netherlands' World Cup fans euphoric in Cape Town

The Netherlands' World Cup fans are basking in the orange glow of Tuesday's semifinal victory over Uruguay, which propels Holland into the championship match for the first time since 1978.

Carlos Barria/Reuters
Netherlands fans celebrate after the 2010 World Cup semi-final soccer match against Uruguay at Green Point stadium in Cape Town July 6.

It's the morning after for the Netherlands' World Cup fans in Cape Town, South Africa, but the euphoria from Tuesday night’s 3-2 win over Uruguay in the semifinals has not worn off.

“2010 is our year – the year of orange. [Midfielder Wesley Sneijder] and [Forward Arjen Robben] can win it for us, because they play so well for the Netherlands. I don’t mind who we play because we are unstoppable,” says Emma Muller, as she shopped with her friend, Maud Groot, on Cape Town's famous Victoria & Alfred waterfront while their partners slept in after a late night of celebration. Both women still had the Dutch flag painted on their faces and had tickets for the final.

But who will the Netherlands face in the final? Will it be Germany or Spain?

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“The Germans are playing some wonderful football, but it would be lovely to play them and beat them," says Ms. Groot. "We’ve beaten Brazil, who a lot of people thought would win the World Cup, so why can’t we win it? There will be more people coming from Holland now so we will turn Johannesburg orange just as we did here.”

As weary fans enjoyed coffee and breakfast at bars and restaurants, many were already arranging transportation and tickets for the big showdown Sunday at Soccer City in Johannesburg, 1,400 km (890 miles) northeast of here.

On Wednesday morning, Bram Smit of Amsterdam was surfing the net on his laptop for flights.

“I have a ticket but now I must get a flight to Johannesburg because it’s too far to drive," says the 32-year-old, wearing a replica 1970s Holland soccer shirt. "We partied until late last night which was the best [soccer] experience of my life. The stadium was full of orange and the team easily beat Uruguay, although I was a bit worried when they scored in extra time.”

Orange, orange, and more orange

Orange was still prevalent across the waterfront this morning although the more outlandish and garish outfits such as suits, dungarees, and wigs appeared to be set aside until Sunday.

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Dirk Coetzen, 29, who lives in Paris, says he secured a flight this morning but now needs a ticket for the final. “I have been on to the FIFA website but there are no tickets available at the moment. I’ve spoken to people back home in Holland and I might be able to get hold of one but I will keep trying.

“I haven’t come all this way to miss out on seeing Holland in the World Cup Final so I will do all I can to get a ticket,” says Mr. Coetzen.

Cheer up, Uruguayans

For Uruguayan fans, they now face a dispiriting third place play-off game in Port Elizabeth on Saturday.

But fan Tomas Martinez, 36, from near the Uruguayan capital of Montevideo, says he is happy his team made the semifinal – after all, 28 teams did not.

“We are a small country and I am happy to have made it this far," he says. "If we can come third that would be a big achievement for Uruguay.”

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