13 tales of survival from around the world

These survivors experienced extraordinary circumstances; hurricanes, tornadoes, and avalanches, and lived to tell the tale.

Snowbound student survives more than a week on two candy bars

In December 2011, Arizona State University student Lauren Weinberg, age 23, was driving in northern Arizona near Winslow when her car got stuck in more than 18 inches of snow. 

She was found nine days later, when US Forest Service employees patrolling on snowmobiles found her car.

Ms. Weinberg was able to survive on two candy bars and by drinking melted snow. She had a cellphone with her, but the battery had died. 

"I am so thankful to be alive and warm," Weinberg said in a statement released by the hospital. "Thank you, everyone, for your thoughts and prayers, because they worked. There were times I was afraid, but mostly I had faith I would be found."

Most survival experts recommend that if lost in the desert, people should stay with their car because it will provide shelter – and will be easier for searchers to spot. The only time people should try to hike out would be if they lack water.

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