The top 10 weirdest stories of 2010

As 2010 draws to a close, its time to reflect upon the joys and sorrows of the past twelve months. It's also time to think about the truly weird things that we witnessed. Here's our top ten list.

10. Mitt Romney's 'Vulcan grip'


In February, former Massachusetts governor and Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney got into a scuffle with Sky Blu, a rapper from LMFAO, an LA electro-hop group notable for their songs "I'm in Miami [expletive]," "La La La," and the theme for "Jersey Shore." Mr. Romney was sitting behind Mr. Blu before take-off on an Air Canada flight from Vancouver to LA. The politician asked the rapper to raise his seat back, per FAA regulations, the rapper declined to do so, and things escalated.

Romney said that Blu became violent. Blu says that Romney first grabbed him on the shoulder, "like a Vulcan grip" and that he reacted.

The crew didn't buy Blu's account, and he was escorted off the plane and arrested by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. In the end, Romney determined that it would not be logical to press charges.

What we learned: Sometimes performing a mind-meld can be just as effective.

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