The top 10 weirdest stories of 2010

2. An American ninja in Pakistan

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    This May 30 picture provided by Dr. Scott Faulkner shows his brother, Gary Brooks Faulkner, at the Denver International Airport en route to Pakistan to hunt down Osama bin Laden.

    Dr. Scott Faulkner/AP
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Armed only with Christian literature, as well as a sword and a gun, Colorado construction worker Gary Brooks Faulkner set out into northern Pakistan to hunt down Osama Bin Laden, Chuck Norris style. Nine miles from the Afghan border, he was picked up by police, who also noted that he was carrying night-vision goggles and "small amount of hashish."

Even before he returned to the United States, bloggers began referring to Faulkner as an "American ninja" and a "Christian warrior." In Pakistan, speculation arose that Faulkner was tied to the CIA, a rumor that, given his behavior, is unlikely. As for Faulkner, he says that he plans to go back to Pakistan to try it again.

What we learned: Gary Brooks Faulkner has counted to infinity – twice.

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