Lovelle Mixon, a parolee with an "extensive criminal record," killed three Oakland, Calif., police officers and gravely injured a fourth in separate encounters Saturday that resulted in Mixon's being shot to death. Initially, he gunned down two officers during a routine traffic stop. After an intense manhunt led to a nearby apartment building, Mixon, who was wanted for violating his parole, shot the other policemen with an assault rifle. The last time an officer was killed in Oakland was 1999.

An estimated 2,500 to 3,000 antiwar protesters demonstrated in Washington and northern Virginia Saturday on the sixth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. Similar protests occurred in other cities, including in Los Angeles. The activists expressed disappointment that the Obama administration is not acting more quickly to bring US troops home. The president says he plans to withdraw roughly 100,000 of the 138,000 troops now serving there by summer 2010.

NASA assigned a team of experts to try to solve a problem Saturday after a spacewalking astronaut accidentally inserted a pin upside down and jammed an equipment storage platform at the International Space Station. The crew may attempt a repair Monday during its third and final spacewalk of shuttle Discovery's mission. The storage platform is temporarily tethered to the station.

Starbucks Corp., Whole Foods Market Inc., and Costco Wholesale Corp. banded together Saturday to push for changes in a proposed bill in how workers could move to possibly unionize. The companies seek a "third way" as business and labor unions face off over the Employee Free Choice Act. The compromise calls for a guaranteed right to request secret ballots in all circumstances to avoid retaliatory acts.

The Democratic National Commit-tee has reimbursed Chicago $1.74 million for the cost of Barack Obama's Nov. 4 election-night rally in Grant Park, Mayor Richard Daley says. More than 100,000 people celebrated the election's outcome at the downtown park.

In an online video, Nadya Suleman, the controversial mother of octuplets, apologized to the foreign-born California resident who is the children's father "for all this mess," while promising she would never reveal his identity.

A leak of a dangerous acid from an overturned tractor trailer Saturday caused nearly 1,000 homes near Wind Gap, Pa., to be evacuated for nine hours. The dripping hydrofluoric acid is used in household detergent.

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