If Jerry's going back, Wyoming may deserve a closer look

Cheyenne, Wyo., made such an impression on comedian Jerry Seinfeld two years ago that he's booked into the 1,500-seat Civic Center again next Saturday, despite its being the smallest theater he has played in his professional career. That's according to, which says Seinfeld is going out of his way during a national tour to play in the least-populated and squarest state (the only one, other than Colorado, whose borders are formed by four straight lines). According to the Census Bureau, Wyoming's population is 493,782, giving it the fewest people per square kilometer (1.96) after Alaska. "Wyoming," in case you've ever wondered, means "at the big plains" or "on the great plain" in an Indian tongue. The Cowboy State is the location of:

  • The oldest national park (Yellowstone)
  • The world's largest bison herd
  • Where women were first allowed to vote, serve on juries, and hold public office
  • The first military base with intercontinental ballistic missiles
  • The home of the first J.C. Penney, known as "The Golden Rule Store"
  • The largest wind-migrating sand dunes outside the Sahara Desert
  • The world's largest log building: Old Faithful Inn
  • First artificially lit night football game (a high school contest in 1925)

State of Wyoming and other sources

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