Tax cuts for 95 percent of American families will take effect by April 1, President Obama said Saturday during his weekly Saturday radio and Internet address. A typical family is expected to take home an extra $65 a month.

An arrest in the 2001 disappearance of federal government intern Chandra Levy, who subsequently was found murdered, is expected in a few days, her parents said Saturday, citing a call from Washington, D.C., police. Authorities once questioned former California Congressman Gary Condit, who told police he was having an affair with Levy but reportedly is not a suspect.

The Coast Guard is spearheading an effort to free an 800-foot Turkish oil tanker that became grounded over the weekend 22 miles off the Texas coast. There were no reports of spills from the ship, which is waiting to enter Houston's port.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown will visit Washington March 3 to confer with President Obama on the global financial crisis and a comprehensive strategy for Afghanistan, the White House said Saturday.

The Screen Actors Guild re-mained the last union to reject a three-year contract offer from Hollywood producers Saturday. The union wants a deal that would enable it to join with the writers' and directors' guilds to increase their bargaining power.

New York and Washington, D.C., are testing high-tech parking meters that adjust prices based on demand. The "congestion pricing" strategy, which other cities are studying, is designed to hike meter rates during peak hours to discourage drivers from lengthy searches for open spots, which clog traffic and increase carbon emissions.

For the first time, an area called Friendship Park that separates San Diego from Tijuana was formally sealed off Saturday by US border agents, the San Diego Union Tribune reported. Above, the Rev. John Fanestil, an advocate of cross-border contacts, was detained.

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