Let's all think warm thoughts

There are wedding couples who develop cold feet at the last minute. Then there are the former Stacy Ramsey and her fiancé, Matt McCorkle. If you haven't heard, they exchanged marriage vows last week in Lewiston, Maine. Outdoors. At night. On snow. And in temperatures that may – may, that is – have reached 5 degrees F. So frigid was it, in fact, that bonfires were set for the comfort of the couple and their 12 guests – not that they helped much. So the friends and relatives huddled together, hands deep in coat pockets and mufflers covering their noses and mouths.

As for Stacy, instead of a gown she wore slacks, a heavy coat, clunky boots, and a fur-lined hat. Matt was less heavily dressed but also had on a fur hat and a thick scarf around his neck. Almost no one became emotional; tears would only have turned to instant icicles.

So whose bright idea was this, anyway? Well, that would be the groom. He thought it would be – you should pardon the expression – cool to schedule the nuptials on the anniversary of their first date. But then, he'd spent most of his life in Florida and may not fully have realized what winter nights in northern New England can be like.

If you're wondering, the ceremony lasted only as long as it took Stacy and Matt (through chattering teeth) to say, "I do," then kiss, and join their guests in a dash for the warmth of the Ramsey home. If Stacy minded any of it, however, she apparently didn't let on. According to reports, she said of the whole experience: "There's nowhere else I'd rather be."

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