You're here to do what?

In Kansas, Stefan Hunt and Jonno Durrant found a drama festival that was staging "The Wizard of Oz" and talked the producers into letting them "surf" the Yellow Brick Road, dressed as Dorothy and the Scarecrow. In South Dakota, they slid off a homeowner's roof into a pile of autumn leaves. Vermont? Ah, there they pretended that their surfboards were snowboards and zipped down a ski run. The 20-something Australians decided it would be a blast to come to the US and surf all 50 states, even those where there was no possibility of catching even a small wave. In that case, they decided for purposes of their adventure to define surfing as being upright on a board while moving, whether on water or not. "We surfed sand, snow, grass, rivers, lakes – you name it," Hunt said. The quest took seven months and ended in the spring of 2007. Hunt and Durrant readily admit they mainly wanted to see the country and meet people. They settled on surfing as their theme only after rejecting "50 dates in 50 states" and "50 burgers..." While they were at it, they made a documentary, and it may not surprise you to learn that they're back in hopes of screening it in – right – all 50 states. It already has been featured in one film festival, and they say they'll take it anywhere there's an audience. After that? Oh, maybe surfing the streets of Pamplona, Spain, during the running of the bulls.

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