The coolest black men in Ebony magazine's estimation This year, Barack Obama's face has graced many a magazine cover, including that of Ebony. Only, in the case of Ebony, the man who became president-elect was featured along with other African-American men, but on separate covers for a month devoted to "The 25 Coolest Brothers of All Time." The project was an effort to focus on the confident way, including a "certain swagger," with which accomplished black men carry themselves, according to Ebony photo director Dudley Brooks. The eight chosen for Ebony covers (in no particular order) and their fields of endeavor:

  • Barack Obamanational politics
  • Marvin Gayepop music
  • Billy Dee Williams actor/writer
  • Muhammad Aliboxing
  • Samuel L. Jacksonactor
  • Jay Z (Shawn Carter)hip-hop artist/record company executive
  • Princepop music
  • Denzel Washingtonactor
  • Other black men considered "cool": Sidney Poitier (actor), Miles Davis (trumpeter/band leader), Michael Jordan (basketball legend/business executive), Adam Clayton Powell Jr. (national politics), Jimi Hendrix (rock guitarist/songwriter), Malcom X (Muslim cleric/rights activist), Sammy Davis Jr. (actor/singer), Don Cheadle (actor), Ed Bradley (TV journalist), Lenny Kravitz (singer/songwriter)
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