When it comes to undulations,

Florida comes up short Anybody who has driven across the US knows how relentlessly flat the Great Plains can appear. But looks can be deceiving, especially in a region of endless corn, alfalfa, and wheat fields. Truth be known, not a single state from the region is among the flattest when it comes to the differential between highest and lowest elevations. Florida, where thousands of square miles are at sea level and the land rises to only 345 feet at its highest point (in Walton County, two miles south of the Alabama line), is the flattest when measured this way. The flattest states in terms of elevation range (in feet) between the lowest and highest spots, using data from

  • 1. Florida 345
  • 2. Delaware 448
  • 3. Louisiana 543
  • 4. Rhode Island 812
  • 5. Indiana 937
  • 6. Illinois 956
  • 7. Ohio 1,094
  • 8. Iowa 1,190
  • 9. Wisconsin 1,372
  • 10. Michigan 1,407
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